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    Internet Channel Question

    Hey all,

    My family has had a Wii for about a year now. My father and I were considering opening a netflix account since I'm back from school over break, and we figured we would have to buy the internet channel on the Wii to get things rolling. Oddly enough, our internet channel is up and running. Neither of us have done anything to set up the internet channel, my mother is hardware/software illiterate so I know she didn't do it, and I'm fairly certain my older sister didn't figure it out either.

    So, my question is, does anybody know why my internet channel was free and why I'm already connected to the internet without ever having personally set it up? I read online that Wii internet was free at one point, but we got this at Christmas of '09 and I read that the internet deal ended in '08. Plus, I figured I would have had to give it my router password and username before it worked, but it's already working.

    Again, does anybody know why my internet channel is up and running without anybody having set it up, or is the only possible explanation that someone set it up and they just forgot about it? I tried going into proxy settings and I don't see any of my router information in there.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Perhaps one of you has already set up a connection for the online play? And the internent Channel is free and has been for awhile
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    santa claus did it

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    The Internet Channel is free, but that's just a web browser, it doesn't give you access to the internet. Setting up an internet connection is done through the Wii settings. Someone must have already set up the wi-fi settings before or you wouldn't have access to anything on the internet.

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