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Thread: Aspect Ratio

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    Aspect Ratio

    I have a 42" lg and I have both the wii and the tv set to 16:9 aspect ratio
    but the top of the screen gets cut off. Even when I change both to 4:3 the same thing happens. Nintendo says I need to return the machine for exchange or repair. HELP!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mangy59 View Post
    Nintendo says I need to return the machine for exchange or repair.
    why did they tell you that! just play with your tv settings enough, look at the tv manual, or failing that get a smaller standard definition tv to play wii on. wii on hdtv isn't all that great anyway.....

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    Is there not a 'Stretch' Function? Whenever you put your Wii in Widescreen, its still in a 4:3 Ratio, however, when you play game, the image looks like its being squeezed. Stretching the image will fit it in a 16:9 Ratio.
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