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    wireless in a wired home

    HI, I am a new member.

    I have a wired home network with eather net outlets built into the walls of most rooms in the house. But no outlets where I am placing my NEW WII. I could have a wire ran in the walls to the new site, but that would be very costly. So I am thinking wireless. I can buy a wireless router and hook it up to a wired eathernet outlet near the Wii. But every thing I have read about the wireless router is that you have to use a computer to set it up. Which means I need a wireless card for one of the computers, which is already online with its wired eathernet connection.

    Question: Can I use the NEW WII as a computer to setup the router without using a PC?????

    Thank you for any help.

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    not sure how to answer your question; just like to point out that you could buy a Lan Adapter if you don't want to go with wireless. i have datel one that served me well before i had a wireless router.

    edit-also still unsure if this any help but you might wanna read this:


    edit2-thre's also a nintendo dongle that hooks into the computer that creates a wireless signal for the wii; it's been years since we talked about it though....
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    Your computer doesn't need to connect via wireless to setup. What it means is that a computer will be needed to configure it. What you'll do is connect your new wireless access point or router to a active port. Afterwards on your computer you'll open your web browser and type in the IP address to enter it's web gui to configure it.

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