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    Guitar Hero Server connection Problem!

    When playing World Tour on the wii it connects to the nintendo wifi but fails to connect to the Guitar Hero Server? This is the same for Guitar Hero 3?

    However Warriors of Rock and Band Hero can connect fine?

    Is there a reason why 2/4 of the guitar hero games connect and the others don't?

    I know Activision (the makers of Guitar Hero) have stopped making the Guitar Hero games...I'm sure the problem is at their end!

    Any solution would be greatly appreciated.

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    Do you get an Error Code? If you do then search that error code on google and bam ya get your answer.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help

    NNID: hybrid_x1

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    Guitar Hero 3 PC Connection Problems

    I currently am having problems connecting with Guitar Hero III on the PC.
    This was not happening the other day.

    I use AVG Internet Security 8.0 (Registered Version)

    I have tried several different settings in it, and tried turning off the firewall etc.

    I've tried to restart the computer, the program, anything at the top of my head.

    I can connect to Mozilla, Xfire, Call of Duty 4, Warcraft III, basically any other game.

    Right now I am a Wireless Network User with 54.0 MB p/s it says and a strength of Excellent.

    I did not have this problem the other night, yet I did reinstall AVG 8.0 due to an error.

    I am also not sure if this is a firewall issue, so please answer, I need to get to rockin' already!

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