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    Monster Hunter Tri Network Instability

    For the past couple of weeks, I have been having trouble staying online. I am able to get on it, no problem, but only after about 5 to 15 minutes, It kicks me off for Network Instability. The error code is 11625. We really don't think it is our router because we have no problem connection with our laptops and cell phones, and, plus, I have seen other people get kicked off. I know that they did not just exit the game because their character's body drops dead onto their stomach instead of bending down onto their knees like I do when I abandon. The Lobby Chat also says that the character just left the city, not saying that they got back. I really think that this is on Nintendo's side. I am only able to do 1 quest at a time if I'm lucky. I am not able to progress anymore through the game unless I get online because I have completed the offline storyline and have upgraded all of my weapons and armor up to the point where I need high rank materials. I can't even get past the 4 star quests because of this problem. Any ideas or theories would be much appreciated.

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    very small problems can cause your internet signal to drop slightly and dc's in mht are very common in the best of settings. check your signal quality, move your wii closer to your wireless router, unplug the router for 5 minutes to speed it up, and best of all quality players on mht will recognise a player disconnecting and wait for you if you meet such good people. good luck.

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