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Thread: new to wii

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    Im adding your number as a friend to play. can you add mine?

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    Hey guys!

    want to add me?

    I have DJ Hero 1 & 2 to play online... ( I want Guitar Hero!!! D': lol )
    & thinking to buy more games soon


    Quote Originally Posted by pirateboy View Post
    my number is 8199-1474-7778-9691
    I added you, hope you don't matter,
    I leave my Wii Code in a post ^ add me (; lol

    Quote Originally Posted by ff6rDOMA View Post
    Depends, In Newer Hero games (Guitar Hero 5. Guitar Hero WoR, even Band Hero) your friend code is the same as your wii code, In GH WoR you can even send random people a friend request, now for the earlier Hero games (3, World Tour, Aerosmith, Smash Hits) youŽll have to sign in, then go to the online settings enter the friend rooster and there should be your code, hope this helps
    I ADDED YOU TOO!! (;

    are you a latino?

    well here is my friend code!!! 2207-6965-5293-7278

    ADD ME <3!

    Quote Originally Posted by link2000 View Post
    Your Wii's address and your friend code is completely different. The address allows you to contact other wii owners from one another's wii. Like, messaging each other, and exchanging gifts. Your friend code is different according to what game you play online. If you exchange your friend code with another person, then you're allowed to play online with that person. Also, the friend code has twelve digits, and the platform's address has sixteen. If you know your wii's address, then we should exchange them. Let me be your first wii friend. Do you play Goldeneye? If you don't, then I recommend for you to purchase it. We could play online. Anyway, message me if want to add each other.
    I added you too! (:

    Add me <3 2207-6965-5293-7278
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