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Thread: wifi wap/wep connection question

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    wifi wap/wep connection question

    SO, hi. this question is more concerning my DS than my wii since the DS is only compatible with WEP and the Wii also connects to WAP but I was hoping someone would know something about what I'm asking still. Anyway...
    I use my psp around the house for going online so i'm not chained to the computer all the time but the battery is at the end of its life and it needs to be plugged in constantly for it to work anymore. Recently, the cord has gotten loose so it's powered status is spotty at best. So, i thought i could either buy a new power cord for the psp OR i could get my DS online.

    Here's my dilemma; As we probably already know, DS is only compatible with WEP wifi connections which is apparently really weak and really bad to have. My ISP modem runs with WAP but i have a WEP router from the good ol' days before companies were providing homes with wifi access included. So, if i were to connect that router to the modem and use that connection only for the DS, would it still leave my whole network exposed? Meaning, would someone be able to access the computer and my connection and such through the router? And would it even be possible to have both wi-fi points broadcasting like that?

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    WPA is certainly stronger than WEP, but running either one should really be enough to keep your network safe from intruders bro. If someone has to tools to break through WEP, they'd probably get through WPA too; just with a tad more struggling.

    You do have a 3DS or DSi though, yeah? Any other sort of DS doesn't have browser capability, last time I checked.

    ... And you did mean WPA, right? Otherwise, my limited networking knowledge ain't gonna be too much help. >_>;
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    If you can find your router manual it should tell you how to change your WPA/WAP key into a WEP key. You need the router password though.

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    Don't connect an old router. The router isn't the issue its the settings which can be changed easily.
    First connect to your router to do this type in your routers IP into a browser address bar. if you don't know your routers IP, Open command prompt type in ipconfig and press enter. Look for default gateway that is your routers IP. Once you have it typed in you'll see a username password box by default the username is Admin and the password is password. IF the tech guys didn't change this and you're able to connect just scan through options and choose what you want WEP. If they did change it on the back of the router there will be a reset button hold that in 3 seconds then retry with the default Adminassword combo if there is no reset button on the router there will be a battery inside of it just pop it out then back in and it'll reset.

    and FYI WEP is the easiest to "crack" but if you set rules for your router its impossible for them to connect and chances of anyone attempting it in the first place are slim. most hackers prefer public networks

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