I bought my fiancee a 10 dollar points pack with my credit card a few days ago. The transaction went through fine. The points were there immediately. He tried to buy a 20 dollar pack with his bank card, and it gave him an error the first time. So he tried a second time and it 'went through'. However, he checked his bank and it was charged TWICE, even after the first time the Wii store gave us the error. Admittedly, he should have checked his bank after that initial try, but one would think that an error in submission won't allow a payment to go through. So, he was charged 40 dollars (us currency) and never got any Wii points added to our console. In addition, money was returned to his account this morning (like I had a suspicion it would be). So I checked the Wii and still no points. Is there a way to resolve this? We already got one of the 20 dollar charges returned to us (no dispute there) but we never received our Wii points from the other 20 dollar pack he bought.

He intended to only buy one and re-entered his card information the second time thinking the first 'error' didn't go through. Any help here would be great.