Today I was forced to download the new version of YouTube, making it a Channel and circumventing having to go through the Internet Channel. I thought this would be an improvement but the videos don't load or take so long that I get tired of waiting. This new version doesn't use a qwerty keyboard but an abc.. keyboard so it's harder to find the letters I need. The worst part is that there isn't a continuous streaming button that I loved so much in the XL version. I could watch videos for hours back to back. Now I need to click on each subsequent video after the previous one ends. I hate it!! Can we get the old version back? Anyone else having problems?

When I go to the internet channel to use YouTube, it doesn't support the XL version any longer which doesn't help me at all. I use the XL version for work. The regular version takes too long to load and is cluttered. Plus, the video doesn't fill the screen.