Hello, I live in the UK, I have BT Infinity 2 broadband, which means I get fibre-optic broadband with download speeds upto 76mbps and upload speeds upto 19mbps, it is very expensive, about 41.49 ($65.79 US!), before I had BT Total BroadBand, which was ADSL broadband with download speeds upto 20mbps with upload speeds upto 1.5mbps upload but because of my heavy downloading and many devices using the internet it was very slow so I had to change to the more expensive BB, I also now have BT Home Hub 3.0B router (802.11 B/G/N).
Anyway back to the point I recently connected my Wii to my router using WPA2-AES password security and the Wii has B/G wifi so I should be getting 54mbps link speed right, but when I went into the Hub Manager I saw 11mbps link speed, this is 802.11 B wifi speed, what's happening here, so I then changed the password security to WPA-AES security and I then again went into the Hub Manager and saw a link speed of 24mpbs, then I changed the security to WPA-TKIP and went into the Hub Manger page again and saw a link speed of 36mpbs but after a page refresh it went back to 24mpbs.
Ok, so what I don't get is why does the Link speed change as I lower the password security type.

Also another problem, earlier I said I should get speeds of upto 76mpbs and 19mpbs [I get speeds of 75mpbs downstream and 16mbps upstream].
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How come then on my Wii it says I have downstream speeds of 3.61mbps and upstream speeds of 0.38mpbs, why is there such a dramatic speeds decrease?
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