hello all, just like many of you, i had a TERRIBLE 2-3 days trying to figure out how to connect my Wii to the wireless. I went through countless thread posts and this is what finally worked for me. Please note that i am NOT a computer moron nor am i a computer genius. I just know how to work my wireless router.

I have a WRT54G version 2.02.

- i updated my firmware on my router, which was ez, just go to your router company's website and download the firmware update
- i actually disabled my WEP and instead enabled my MAC filter (personally i think it's just as safe and if they can hack into your wireless even with your mac filter on, they'll be able to do it with your wep enabled so don't worry, you can change it to the mac filter and STILL get protection.
- you can get your wii's mac id, trust me you can find it.
- changed my signal channel on my router from channel 6 to channel 11 (i hear 1 works too)
- MIXED b/g signals!!! do NOT do ONLY G, for some odd reason it didn't work for me.

so that's it folks
- update the firmware on the router
- use MAC filtering instead of WEP
- change channels from 6 to either 11 or 1
- MIXED B/G signals.... do not do b only or g only.

i hope this works for everyone

and crossing your fingers always helps too