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Thread: Wii shortage

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    Wii shortage

    Wiis in jap sold out in 7mins flat, all units and its the same here. You can't get one anywhere! you can get em on ebay for a lot more than retail price and the ds lites are off the shelves as well. I need one for myself, because my sis has one but she no share, greedy pig.

    I'm gonna wait for a while untill theres lots of them and theres a good moneh saving deal with good games. For now: back to the N64 and game boy

    i've been told that more are coming to the uk on the 20th but those will be snapped up like hot pie

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    i heared tommarow is the last day to try get a wii,but what do i know

    p.s. this is for wii online,not wii supply
    360 is awsome,but the Wii is just so cuddly!

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