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    PS3, 360 Or Wii? The Answer Is Clear

    Sony Is doing pretty good, well if i had the money to buy a PS3 i would, but the cost is rediculous for a gaming system. if your planning to use everything it offers, its good for example blue-ray disk player and the 60 GB hard drive. If your using it JUST for the gaming it sucks. what i think is the worst system out is XBOX 360... there really is NO change... i mean who would waste thier money? nothing changed between XBOX and the 360.
    Thats Just My Oppinion.
    I Personally like the Wii the best, it never gets boring, its like having a new system and an old one too. Its Completly interactive... other games get boring fast but with the Wii there is no time to get bored it makes you feel as if your in the game... your not just playing it.... your living it.
    Sorry For the Long Post

    My Recomendation not only for the price but i own all three systems but i seem to play the Wii the most, its like im living in the past and playing it is soo much fun. I would Choose the Wii Out Of All Three


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sovieto
    the ps3 is the most bang for your buck, value wise, other than that really its your opinion, why do you guys create this anti-ps3 fanboy threads all the time? and im pretty sure no HD is not an option, since devs probably use cache or whatever off of the HD to help run the games faster and smoother (big mistake 360 made with having a model with no hd, thus making that option not an option)

    and i would not want to see what else you say, since you are obviously bias towards nintendo.......................
    Sovieto, how come everyone who dislikes u/disagrees with u/doesn't favor Sony is automatically a Ninty fanboy, hated by you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wii-Seppe
    what i think is the worst system out is XBOX 360... there really is NO change... i mean who would waste thier money? nothing changed between XBOX and the 360.


    LOL thats funny

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    I don't plan to buy a PS3 for many years... But I still say that once the games start picking up, it will emerge as the top console. I still like my Wii better. Hahaha!
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