Hey guys why are you even discussing this guys opinion?
I can't understand how a person can start a thread about a 'non-BIAS' comparISOn of the two consoles mentioned with having played only one of them. I'd even say you'd have to own both for quite some time before you can even figure it out for yourself.
That's why I'm waiting with my verdict until PS3 arrives here in europe so I can seriously start trying that out aswell. And even THEN, I don't think I'll ever be able to say one is better than the other, 'cause of the fact that they're so different. The only thing that can separate these two (or three, I guess. Let's not forget the 360) is - for me personally if I'd calculate which console I put the most playtime on, or for the larger masses; sales numbers by the middle of these consoles cycles. Nothing more.

It's not Mario vs. Sonic anymore. These new consoles are so different from eachother that I can't see where the fuel for this console war is coming from. Perhaps people just want to justify the money they've spent for themselves in their own heads.