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    Quote Originally Posted by dedpoet777
    omg yes it is. its the titanic of video game consoles. in fact mac mini computers are smaller than that and a hell of a lot more powerful, rocking core 2 duos in them. and yes pc graphics smoke that thing by far. my boy has a gig of graphics and his games look like the damn final fantasy cg movie. sony originally said theyd have a gig in the thing. i think 256 falls just a bit short of that. its gpu is almost exactly like the 360, just a bit faster. they could have at least put 512 in it for 600 bucks.

    It IS the titanic of video game consoles. Hell my PC is only worth about $700 and BLOWS that PS3 away in terms of pure power and graphics. Not to mention storage space, burning capabilities, and many other PC/Internet abilities.
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    My $300 PC with some upgrades is cheaper, and more powerful than a PS3. I'm reminded when the Captain of the Titanic threw out the extra life boats. He says something like, "The Titanic is the most advanced ship in the world!" It's also Sony's fault for not realizing HDMI TVs are a beast to figure out sometimes.

    5 years later and HDMI TVs are still costly. It's the perfect merger of high prices for technology too advanced to work right.

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