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    Quote Originally Posted by Wii&Ps3
    A frimware update is tough. I hate to push the x button about 5 times

    I dont drop my systems. They stay on my entertainment center on carpeting. If your dropping your systems, then you need some help. Did you see the video of guy smashing the ps3 with a sledge hammer outside of bestbuy? It took quite a few hits to do any real damage.

    Your comparing a laptop battery to a ps3 remote battery? Thats the lamest thing ive heard

    Who cares about sonys stock? I dont invest with them. Do you?? I would expect nintendos to go up, because they are a smaller company. They make money on the wiis and they sold a ton of them. Its common sense. Thanks for pointing it out though

    I dont notice the heat from my ps3, but I also have it in a large room. So what if it puts out heat? Mine has never overheated, or even been too hot to touch. My laptop with a p4 processor gets really hot as well, but it functions fine. Whats your point? Oh thats right, there is none
    A company should make sure its product is 100% ready for the market and ready to go out of the box. sony didn't accomplish this.

    Actually, yes I am comparing them as they are the same type of battery and are manufactured the same way and are charged the same way.

    My consoles travel and live in a dorm so they are going to take some abuse. Yah why don't you hit a sledge on a block of lead . Thing is I bet if you hit a ps3 once with a sledge it would cease to function.

    Well I do invest in companies and I am glad I did not buy sony stock. Also, Nintendo's stock is worth alot more than sony so in a technical aspect Nintendo is a larger company .

    You have a nack for buying pieces of shit huh? P4 was probably the worst designed processor of all time. Every IT professional will tell you it was a pos.
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    Theres no helping people who don't want to be saved yall. At least the rest of us know what POS the PS3. It amazes me that they actually let those machines get out the door and onto a plane to be shipped around the world for sale at the ridiculous price of $500-$600 a piece. The videos are kinda shocking. I've heard about them blowing up. The simple fact is that yes the Nintendo has a few issues. But those issues can be and usually are EASILY FIXED by yourself. There haven't been large reports of Wii's malfunction everywhere. Sony was and is still trying to do TOO MUCH with one system. I really hope and pray that this company fails this year.

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