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Thread: X-Play Advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRiMeZ
    Thats y i am a *NINTENDO FANBOY* and when the PS2 came out I wanted a Gamecube I got the PS2 like 8 months ago berely...LoLz but PSP Beats DS im sorry..cus of music and videos but the 8 gig is too much money... but Wii beats Ps3 not in graphics but in gameplay and considering how much fun the Wii is and a Reasonable Price of 250!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sovieto
    a lot could easily disagree about the gameplay
    graphics are something you can say knowing its a fact, but gameplay is opinion, and yes the wii is fun but they make a profit off of it where as with 360 or ps3 they lose money on it so its not REALLY reasonable but the average consumer thinks so
    What is wrong with you? If Nintendo sells it for more money than they spent to make it, that doesn't make it unreasonable. It's an awesome price. It's not unreasonable just because the company that sells it makes money off of it. If you would just listen to yourself, you'd realize how stupid you sound. $250 is a good price for the Wii. Stop spitting out bullshit.

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