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    xd i went to my local wal mart and say 3 ps3s in stock and tehn i went a week after and i say the same ps3 (i know cause i asked the lady that works there)

    Quote by: Danny_c from Ps3forums

    no thanks. i could not care less about home. its a very neat idea, but i didnt buy a video game system to enter a "virtual" world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dedpoet777
    yep they already did that to europe, which is a joke. i think that is the first time ever that a game console has been released and then had stuff taken off of it. how much money can they really save doing that anyway? they are such a joke, it just keeps getting worse and worse. apparently, their eyes were too big for peoples patience or pockets. they can learn a lot from nintendo because their sales clearly mean bigger and more graphics isnt always better.
    something tells me the guy you quoted already read that thread

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