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    US version compatible in the uk

    hi guys sorry if this question has already been answered but really need ure advice.

    my pal has got a 5 ps3's he is based in china and they are the US version ones as he is half chinese/american.

    anyway i am going to buy a cpl off him so.

    1. do the us versions work in the uk?

    2. i believe they need a adapter cause the voltage is different if so how much are they and where can u buy these?

    3. is it possible customs wont allow them through either in the uk or in china?

    4. can i play uk games on a us machine?

    thanks guys

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    4. can i play uk games on a us machine?
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    1. yes

    2. yes (search google or ebay)

    3. Im sure customs can do whatever they want. They probably dont have direct orders to not allow a ps3 though.

    4.YES. My friend bought a japanese version of motorstorm on his us ps3. You will not be able to play dvd's from other regions, but thats it. Dont listen to minto. He doesnt know shit.

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