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lol So i guess when people quote you and butcher what you said, and you respond, apparently makes you a bully.

Please, keep talking. I get to enjoy this.

PS I have a wii, im on a wii forum, i have a ps3, im on a ps3 subforum. Do i give favor to one system and hate the other, no i dont. This bugs these kids, and i enjoy the fact that some fanboys lose sleep over it. Deal with it. btw the deedee part made me laugh, props for the use of words on that.
nope you said you pick on know it all kids cause they are stupid. kids are kids they dont know it all and i wouldnt expect them too. all im sayin is that if you are going to argue with some one then argue with adults "people who dont mind or dont care about what others have to say" but will at least take it into consideration.

im not a fan boy i never owned a gamecube. i had everything else. now that i have a wii i will buy a few games for the gc. its too many games that i want to play to be a fanboy.

as far as dee dee dee gotta love that carlos mancia lol how ever you spell his name.