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    Quote Originally Posted by ssbb_lover
    You sad sony fanboy...I feel for your poor soul. You have to criticize my spelling by adding a 'T'. Excuse me for spelling the word how the English language says to spell it.
    Im sorry, i was merely pointing out that the website address you mention doesnt have a T in it. People might goto that link expecting to find console numbers and instead find french. I wasnt criticising you if that what you think i was doing. ( please dont jump to conclusions though, a website address has nothing to do with propper english. Unless you want to misdirrect people to a different website, you can keep it the way it is if you want.)

    just to add, what does talking about links have anything to do with fanboyism. By the way i own both the wii and ps3. Personally dont have any favorites. Not much of a fanboy then am i.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiitendo
    NVM i can't get one place only for wiichat peeps.
    pointless thread?
    you didnt even edit
    cant even understand what your talking about though
    and youd be the last one to be able to discuss console wars without flaming

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