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    I work at BestBuy and the 20GB PS3 has been out of our system for about 2 months.

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    That sucks ass. I was considering getting a 20GB. I don't really need 60GB because I just want it for gaming which doesn't need a very big HDD. The only reason I would want the 60GB is for the Wi-Fi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeon9881
    just another point for WII
    How is that another point for Wii? If that is how you see the article then this thread was made with the intent of trolling.

    Its been stated many times the 20 gig version was in low demand, if consumers were going to get a PS3 they wanted the 60gig, not the 20gig.

    Sony also lost $300 per 20gig model sold. So every time you buy a 20gig version, sony loses $300. $240 for the 60gig version.
    Lets also keep in mind that the HDs are interchangable with a cheap HD you can get at any computer store or online. Drop a few dollars and you can put a 300gig in there if you so pleased.

    Add to the fact that Sony is planning on releasing a modified version of the PS3 which includes a changed cell CPU and larger hard drive.

    If i had to buy a car, and saw two of the same models. One had manual lock and windows. The other had electric lock and windows... I, like many PS3 consumers prefered the electric. People were just not interested in the 20gig version when they could get the 60gig, (not everyone but most).

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