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if $600 is breaking any of you, perhaps moving out of your moms basement might help. I do the occational part time internet job when im not doing something in the film industry. Just yesterday I emailed someone and asked if they want content for their website, they said yes, and passed them over to a company that gave me 25% of what that guy buys. Now im $16,930 richer, and all i did was send one email out of the blue. Im only 24. The fact is, people are not so poor as to not be able to spend $600 on a game system. Unless they are children. Then again, i know kids that have more money than some. In the real world $600 is nothing, a nintendo wii for 250 is chump change. People like me buy them for the hell of it, because we have the money to do so. Like most people.
i knew u would be defending the ps3 shift, it seems that if anyone makes a negative comment about it you go into defense mode, lol! in the end just it's only console and nothing more.