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    Quote Originally Posted by Nintendofan1990
    Well the new Sony Console the "PS3" was Sony's biggest failure, at the launch alot of units were sold, beacause, they thought it wil be better than Sony's accomplishment, the PS2. But peaple were killed for the PS3.
    In christmas 06, the most wanted christams item was the PS3, and Wii tied.
    In 07, the high sales stopped. And then peaple went for the other systems, why:
    Price: $600
    The reason why the console was $600 beacause of the Blu-Ray, thats also how the games cost from $50-$100.
    What it stole from Wii and 360:
    Well, even though the Wii released later than PS3, PS3 copied Wii, Motion Scencing, that 1 2 3 4 thing on the controller.
    Also PS3 copied 360s guide button.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nfanboy
    PS3 sucks and stop complaining about people hating PS3, because PS3 SUCKS!!!
    Immature Nintendo Fanboys showing their age as usual, "Move along people, nothing to see here."
    Only thing we could do is report them for not abiding by Fanboyism rules.

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    Yea, but doing that, TO ME... Is kinda being a little pussy-cat, you know what im saying, we aint got the family jewels to tell them off, thats why you dont see me reporting them, it makes me feel like a scary-a** punk... So instead of doing that, i respond to their stupid remarks and tell them off instead!
    Which to me is the best thing to do rather than telling on them!

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