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    Quote Originally Posted by ---Brian---
    Ive always had a theory that us Brits(Plus Austraila as it is a British colony to some excent) didn't realise the value of items as much as Americans. This isnt supposed to be offensive but ive always felt Americans where a bit tight with there money, yet most of my mates(like 20) were all 16-17 don't consider the Ps3 pricey, and are all planning to get one from just our pocket money we save, ive saved up 310 so far, think my parent gonna gimme my 800 from my communion also(Im a catholic) what im saying is it seems as if the price of the Ps3 in the Uk isn't as big of a problem as it is in America, i always thought America was a wealthier country, but it possibly isnt, Uk has free health care, this may be why we can afford to spend money on more materialistic objects. Also in Dollors we pay like $850 for a Ps3, compared to America's $599, and our Ps3 don't have backwards capacitys although ive heard a lot of this has been fixed in firm-ware updates. Were paying more for a worse put together console, yet americans are complaining, i just cant understand that lol.
    americans are broke. Thats why so many people have credit cards and auto loans. Nobody knows how to save up money and purchase items. The average american saves -2% a year. Yes you read that right. The average american goes in debt 2% more every single year. Everybody tries to find the easy ticket to everything. Nobody can wait for anything. Its why "Get rich quick schemes" and "diet pills" sell like hotcakes. People need to stop living in a fairy tale and take action for what they want. I can talk about this topic all night. Dont get me started.
    Quote Originally Posted by Brawny
    me want to have sex with other men
    Quote Originally Posted by JeremyGTS
    im a retarted little kid
    Quote Originally Posted by Major Tom
    Well, YOU CAN'T TRADE GAMES. Once you use them on a system they only work on THAT system.
    Maybe I should tell blockbuster to stop renting ps3 games then

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    Go to college. My sister has a 100k degree. My CA degree was 26k. The CA degree now costs 65k and it's only been 5 years! How much in 10 years? 150k? Tip of the ice berg. The Titanic? Why that would be the USA.

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