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Thread: PSP vs. DS

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    Quote Originally Posted by FWELR
    listen, dumbass im going to spell this out for you because you apparently don't understand basic writing tools like parodies.
    LOL, i was not aware that a "parody" is considered a "writing tool". LOL thats a new one. I love it when "dumb" people call other people "dumb". Its so hilariously ironic.

    a parody is a tool non-retarted people use to mock something, like i did to mock your chance meeting with a musician who happened to brag about his psp. obviously i made that meeting up. anybody with a brain could tell that i was countering your whole psp music thing to the DS's jam sessions.
    a parody is not a tool champ. It is a form of satire, an act of ridiculing through use of wit and commonly understood resemblances, both of which you do not have.

    Do not confuse the act of creating mockery as a "tool", unless you wish to refer to how you show off your own lack of maturity. You failed on the "obvious" of the mockery and sarcasm, yet succeeded in being obviously uneducated and childish. haha please continue, because it certainly is entertaining watching what we commonly refer to as "cause and effect of inbreeding".

    You countered nothing, only made up a story in an attempt to make up for a lack of defense to the DS. Classic fanboy behavior.

    now, as for the gps thing, you just admitted that it was mapquest. you want me to buy a psp for mapquest when every useful car already has it preloaded? not to mention it can be put on your DS.
    You fail at reading comprehension.

    i can tell that you are not going to be swayed by logic and will forever be a sony fan, so here you go, dumbass.
    Quite the opposite actually. Anyone with half a brain can see the logic and FACTs to that which i put forth, you on the other hand is pure fanboy "rage" and "make believe stories" in an attempt to mock, yet fail.

    In fact, i am not a console fan at all and you should remember that i owned all major systems regardless of their company. If you cant deal with the facts that make one system better than another, then enjoy the land of denial champ. Or rather, enjoy being a fanboy.

    courtesy Maddox at thebestpageintheuniverse.net
    lol Oh look kids, we have a hater. Hate = ignorance, ignorance = fanboy behavior.

    Keep it up.

    __________________________________________________ _

    Heres a message i got from our dear mansausage loving friend...

    Quote Originally Posted by the_flood502
    PMS? you do realise that i'm male right?

    -It's kinda impossible for me to get PMS...
    He needs to learn to connect the dots. His random anger outburst and NAME are perfect for the use of the term "PMS"ing. He failed to see the clear joke at his name, and his out burst. How could anyone not know he is a guy, he keeps putting that mug of his in his avatar.

    The best part is the irony of him making fun of America's so called "inferior" educational system, yet he fails at using his head on such simple mockeries.

    there's nothing wrong with 'going down on guys' it's just sick people like you who make it sound like it's wrong... but you just don't know anything...
    Yes i find the thought of you suckling a mans penis disturbing. But hey if you enjoy pubesticks, go ahead! (pun intended).

    1) you're American so... you can't spell and you're educational system is inferior to the British education system, therefore you are retarded - but that was obvious
    1. I have a better education than you. 2. I have two BAs from a major university thats well known internationally through our University of California system. Your attempts at being national elitism are duly noted, but your ignorance is astounding. lol You make brits look bad.

    2) You're probably a bible-bashing reject whom i couldn't give two flying shits about. the bible also said that man was made first, when clearly by using the process of carbon dating we can easily find that dinosaurs and other organic life-forms pre-date mankind by centuries. so... there!
    By Flood's logic, since man was made first, then they were all gay with each other. The end. lol

    3) if you're 'older' it doesn't mean you're smarter... it means you're dumber after the age of 25 you start to loose your memory cells and then senile dementia can kick in... so... good luck with that (Y)
    LOL, look kids, his attempt at sounding smart. You really cant be smart if your reasoning skills are comparable to a retarded chimp. But hey, whatever makes you feel better.

    i should put this in the thread... but it's quite far off the topic that it will most likely get deleted, before you get a chance to read it.
    Already did it for you champ. =)
    Last edited by Shiftfallout; 10-11-2007 at 12:27 AM.

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    *Smiling and looking quite happy - everything in the passage is said like i just found £100 on the floor (note: £1 is roughly = $2)*

    Man, you're a condescending sack of crap.

    i hope you burn in you're imaginary hell. - i mean that in the nicest way possible

    I don't understand these so called 'jokes' that you keep hanging out there... maybe because they're lame and just totally stupid and make no sense what-so-ever

    i.e. I'm a guy! i don't have ovaries = i don't get Pre-menstrual stress (PMS) but if you were more polite and PC (politically correct) it's Pre-menstrual Tension (PMT) - just for future reference (note: this is because it sounds rather mean to refer to somebody as stressed just because they have an increase of oestrogen - we learned about it during the gender development part of my psychology A-Level.)

    i've actually come to the conclusion that you're not actually older than me... and you're probably a 10-year-old kid who see himself as the only clever person in the world - because he got a grade A+ on one of his tests and now sees himself as the ruler of the entire planet and self proclaimed "brainiest person on planet" - because to be honest that's exactly what i see from you.

    there is only one term for people like you, uneducated. if you learned more about people, social roles and cognitive development you might actually understand people and why they hate you for the things that you say and the manner in which you say them.

    Couldn't be bothered to through read what you'd put, it's just the same trash that you usually put - i.e. some condescending bull shit, "I'm better than everybody else, blah, blah, blah" - but ever thought that being nice to somebody would be much better than making yourself see like a much worse person than you might actually be.

    Anyway, i forgive you for being mean. i understand that it's not nice when people don't agree with you. And it's not you're fault if you have B.O. problems and are fat, stupid and ugly

    myself i've never been had such problems, but... *shrugs* i've got 'counselling skills' (got this certificate thingy - lol it's something we had to do in psychology) so i should show 'empathy' for you, socially defunct people... bless yew... awww... ^.^

    - oh. and 'man' is a generic term for 'mankind' not just the gender... as if you didn't know that... the American school system is more stupid that i first thought... we should donate money to help them buy books and computers instead of reading from the bible =/

    Lol... i'm sure you'll just come back with some ignorant, condecending, arrogant, bullshit... but hey:

    i'll still be here, waiting eagerly for your reply. - not seriously... i have quite a fair amount of work to do, as i'm not unemployed and do have a life outside of this strange yet intriguing website... but i'll get back as soon as i can.


    I'm Back. With More Games. A Hair Cut (See Picture) and Less School Work (Y)

    X360: Crackdown, Gears of War, Prey, Halo 2, Quake 4, Dead Rising, F.E.A.R, Overlord, Enchanted Arms, Bioshock, Blue Dragon and The Darkness

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    I had both. The DS cought my attention for a year, and PSP only had my interest for some months...Overall DS is my favorite..but it depends on the person

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiftfallout
    Yesterday! I smelt some thing bad, and my nose lead me back to the playstation 3 forum on wiichat where there seems to be fanboy poops all over the place.

    Time to get back to being the janitor!

    "mop mop mop,
    all day long,
    mop mop mop,
    while i sing this song"

    I actually got rid of my Wii. The wiimote was fun at first, then you get over it and everything else seems bleh.

    Welcome Back then!!
    Just When You Thought It Was Over........It Not Over Until I Say Its Over........So You Better Think Twice My Friend!!!

    My WOC for friends list on Wii is right by my name....If you want to add ME Pm....if you do it without my knowing...I WILL NOT ADD YOU:

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