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    This thread is a waste of time...and no, it won't fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kronau
    wellllll the ps3 is a cheaper system then the 360 now better graffics and going to have more games and loads more epic games im saying the 360 in gonna go out of busness after about a few months
    ... That didn't make a lick of sense at all.

    If the PS3 fails, Sony won't go out of business. They'll either drop out of the gaming market and go back to doing other technologies (TV's, Cameras, DVD Discs/Players, etc), or they'll pick up the pieces and start over for the next generation.

    Clearly the PS3 is doing the worst out of the 3 consoles, and forcing Blu-ray technology into the console was a bad move (even though Sony is too proud to admit it). The 360 is already proving that one can enjoy full HD gaming without even Blu-ray & HD-DVD technology.

    But one should try to understand, that Sony can cut the price of the PS3 all they want, but it still won't change the fact that the consoles' architecture is still frustrating to code for, for alot of developers..thus resulting in lesser game releases, constant delays, and more development costs... Just like the Sega Saturn.

    Who knows, maybe Sony will make a comeback next generation, by doing it right, like they did with the PSOne & PS2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gikoku
    Clearly the PS3 is doing the worst out of the 3 consoles, and forcing Blu-ray technology into the console was a bad move (even though Sony is too proud to admit it).
    I posted a quote here before from a thread over at AVS where someone said (roughly):

    "Sony gave up their lead in the videogame market, and decimated their earnings to capture < 1% of the licensing revenues of the HDM business".

    Just about anyone with a small amount of business acumen would call this risky (to outright suidical). Especially considering Sony has been hemorrhaging cash the last few years.

    Sony did/does have a more global play on deck - yet another attempt at the convergence box (convergence? wow, I wrote an article for PC Week like 10-12 years ago about it ), media control (both content at the studio level and media from the distribution mechanism/licensing).

    If I were Sony, I'd do a CE deal with the same partners as BD, get some market saturation on the underlying PS3 tech (i.e., non-Sony branded) - try to make the machine as "consumer-ized" as other CE products like Tivo.

    I don't think it will fail, just be slightly re-invented to fit into Sony's global strategy which is way beyond a videogame console.
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