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    No, that adaptor is only if you want wireless. I dont have the adaptor and I play online just fine. You just hook it up with the Ethernet cord. If you dont have a long one, you can use your laptop to set up wireless connection.

    Also, alot of people want backward compatability. There were lots of complaints this last christmas when parents realized they couldn't play their older games on it. I wanted to trade my PS2 in so that i can save money on PS3, but since there's no backward compatability, I couldn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zap'em up
    but im sure most people buying a ps3 arent buying it to play ps2 games. or even as a backup if their ps2 breaks cuz i've had my ps2 for like 4-5 yrs now and its still working like a charm.
    you'd be surprised, PS2's are notorious for having problems with hardware failure when used a lot for DVD playback. Aside from that some people just don't want to have the PS2 and PS3 hooked up taking up space on the shelf and usually very valuable real estate in the surge protector.
    Plus if they didn't have backward comp. in the PS2 to play PS games then to play all 3 you'd always need all 3 hooked up. It isn't needed but there's not arguement that it's nice to have and among video game consoles(since cart based ones) it seems to be pretty standard. If people weren't already used to having it they wouldn't expect it and therefore wouldn't care if it were there or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by zap'em up
    nd wait 360 u dont have to buy that adaptor for online?
    for wireless online you do.
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