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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow*91 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Hoser1358 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by nath2008uk View Post
    It does suck.

    It's rushed, even hardcore mode from CoD4 was rushed, instead of increasing weapon damage, they just decreased players health, so you can get blown up by a car on the other side of a concrete wall.

    They just shove a bunch of crappy weapons with next to none recoil into a game, then add some fancy things like dual wielding Shotguns and desert eagles (Almighty desert eagle lul), and nukes for a 25killstreak.
    CoD2 was the best cod to ever come out, great story, great graphics, great voice acting.

    They could have fixed the hitboxes atleast, but they didn't.
    Just add a bunch of crap to please the community of 5 year old xbox live users.
    And you know I'm right.
    uhhhhh i really dont think cod6 was rushed because just compare it to a majorly rushed game (Smash Brawl) in smash brawl the voice acting doesnt always sound like its done by the same person. the variety of attacks is greater but still very similar to the next guy. online play sucks, and campaign is wayy to easy.
    in cod6 the voice acting is consistent, variety of guns (more added from cod4) online lags not to much but on rare occasions......

    of course infinityward / treyarch might rush a game. call of duty is wayyy to popular to not be rushed. f they didnt rush they'd probably lose a lot of fans. they took about a year to release a cod. if they took their time and took 2 years then id just become impatient

    i think the game was done well. most people are happy with this game
    and please do remember.... cod is also for the ps3 making me feel left out
    what the hell are you talking about? SSBB was not rushed, but rather delayed 3 times so they could work on it more. learn what your talking about before making stupid claims like that.
    okay sure maybe it wasnt rushed but alot of it sucked.... the voice acting was horrible for some characters, the online really just was a fail even in local areas. a lot of the sounds sound generic. it was to easy to unlock all the characters. hell it took me a few hours to do that. melee ftw

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    Quote Originally Posted by SensesFail View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Romer318 View Post
    I try not to do this. But Athronox, your an idiot.
    i second that.

    seriously anthronox, the create a class has been totally rebuilt making for a fresh online experience and the short, but good campaign is not the main focus of the game. simply put, why fix what isnt broken? up until modern warfare 2's release modern warfare was the best online shooter available. the graphics engine is still one of the best out there for an online shooter. again, why fix what isnt broken?

    instead of crying about spending 60 dollars on a game you dont like why dont you do some research or read a review or 2 before you buy a game? or better yet.. go outside.
    Well said. No need for me to say anything, haha. This man has owned this thread.

    But Jesus ****ing Christ, if you hate this game so much, instead of whining about it so much and "hating" it, why don't you just not buy it? If I hate something or someone I just ignore or try to forget about it. By the way, it's just a game. Lol.

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    I totaly agree with you... But I clearly don't hate it as much as you do. I'm more of a Killzoner myself.

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    Haters, Call of duty is an Awsome platformer series

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