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    PS3 - Downloadable Content Details

    There's finally been some details put out regarding what should be available to download from the PlayStation Store for those lucky few that get a PS3 on day 1- in Japan, at least. Chances are the same items (with maybe a few changes) should be ready for the North American launch as well.

    There is a good mix of original PlayStation games that will be transferrable to the PSP for play (after upgrading to the latest firmware which should be available at the same time) along with downloadable games to play on the PS3 and demos.

    First off, the PlayStation games. A total of 10 games are listed. No word on how much these will be to purchase. We have Resident Evil Director's Cut, Konami Antiques MSX Collection Vol. 1, Konami Antiques MSX Collection Vol. 2, Bishi Bashi Special, Jumping Flash, Arc The Lad, Minna No Golf 2 (better known to us as Hot Shots Golf 2/ Everybody's Golf 2), Silent Bomber, Tekken 2 and Mister Driller. Sony says they plan to add more titles at about 10 per month along wih other PS3 and PSP downloadables.

    Several PlayStation 3 demos will be available, these should be free to download. So far Sony has only confirmed Ridge Racer 7 to be available on November 11 but more will likely be announced as we get closer to the launch.

    The downloadable PS3 games, similar to what Microsoft has with their LiveArcade, are scheduled to be available before the end of 2006. We have
    Kazuo (otherwise known as SoDoKu); Puzzle, a puzzle game involving exploding blocks; Mainichi Issho, a communication game featuring Toro, Sony's cat mascot; Blast Factor; flOw and Lemmings.

    More details should be available as we get closer to the launch dates

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    That is correct, but we're in 2010, that info was from 2006 (PS3 Launch).

    or am I missing something?

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    Old news dude.
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    I think we just hit a wrinkle in time

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