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    Ps3 is worth it's WAY better than x-box 360 I got my ps3 slim because of the videos I could hook up my external hard drive and bam I could watch anything I want that's in avi or mp4 video format and also the games are hella sick
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    Wii - Not even worth the mention.
    Xbox - Not TOO expensive, and really good graphics, along with well known titles.
    PS3 - Graphics are as great as Xbox, just more expensive. Overpriced Blu ray system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoZzy View Post
    Wii - Not even worth the mention.
    Xbox - Not TOO expensive, and really good graphics, along with well known titles.
    PS3 - Graphics are as great as Xbox, just more expensive. Overpriced Blu ray system.
    Bumped thread is bumped, but...

    Overpriced Blu-ray? They cost half of the slim otherwise, and when comparing the slim to the new arcade model, the $100 difference is made up for in two years thanks to Xbox Live's costs, so in two years you got a Blu Ray player instead of a bill, and you're saving money starting year 3... Not to mention you won't be getting RRoD on a PS3. They share a rediculous amount of eachother's good games as well, and it seems that the PS3 is getting more and more exclusive content (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer beta, Solomon's folly in Red Dead, etc.).

    That's my view on it, which has definatly changed over the years. Microsoft dropped the ball they were barely gripping better than Sony, and they stole it without hesitation. I regret buying a 360 over a PS3 nowadays. =/
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    Well well my friends I see that you all have your own opinions and you really like to attack each other...

    is the ps3 worth it? the answer is: DEPENDS

    If you don't have any of this generation home consoles then yes it is worth it since you have access to loads and loads of multiplatform games + some good exclusives + free online multiplayer + blue ray player + PS Move. So if you have the money right now and you dont want to pay annualy 60$ for online multiplayer, you have a good internet connection and a nice TV then go for it.

    BUT if you want a console that is a little bit cheaper and you can pay 60$ a year for a better online experience, you are ok with DVD in 1080i and you want the BEST versions of the multiplatform games + a great variety of exclusives games then go for an Xbox 360 but you will miss the PS Move because Kinect is not worth it at all I really mean it.

    If you want a pretty cheap console with crappy but also free online multiplayer, you already own a DVD or a blueray player or you are ok with just netflix, you don't care about HD graphics (go component video!) with just few decent multiplatform games but the BEST exclusives ever and a very very very nice motion based system ... go for the Wii. (i guess you already own this one)

    If you already own a Wii you should go for one of the other two because depending on what you want both are worth it to own.

    I own the 3 of them and I have to admit that right now Im giving more use to my Wii and Xbox 360 since Xbox 360 has better graphics in multiplatform games and even if the PS3 has got better graphics in the exclusives games, the Xbox 360 has more exclusives that are actually good. So yeah I have more games on my 360 than on my PS3. BUT now PS3 is growing a lot and it looks like Sony prepared the PS3 for a longterm success because of the PS Move and Blueray disc based system, it will be capable of having better graphics than the 360, in less discs because of the blue ray and it will have 3D games again thanks to the blue ray plus you will enjoy hardcore games with the PS Move (better motion than Wii and better graphics than Wii) and with Kinect you will just have the option to play some casual games.

    If you CAN, go get the Wii, the PS3 and the 360, if you can't afford it... take your decision in what I have said here.
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    Look at the games, possibly watch some videos of the games, and then make a decision.

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