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    Suspected PSN hackers nabbed in Spain

    The wheels of justice are finally rolling. Spanish police have reportedly arrested three members of the group Anonymous, suspected to have been involved in the breach on Sony's online servers for the PlayStation Network.

    The suspects were caught in Barcelona, after the cops studied no less than two million lines documented on their web pages and chat files. On top of the PSN attack, the trio are also believed to have been involved on attacks on the banks BBVA and Bankia, power company from Italy, Enel, and even various governments such as Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand.

    Said the Spanish police in their official statement: "One of them had in his home server on which they coordinated and executed computer attacks on government, financial and business web pages around the world."

    Anonymous had repeatedly denied involvement with the PSN attack. Sony, for their part, is still in the process of recovering from the whole traumatic experience, just having fully restored the PlayStation Network and its accompanying services such as the PlayStation Store and Qriocity.
    via CVG

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    good, i read this in the paper at my work place and then then i saw that codemasters also got hacked

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