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    its soo stupid how people will be willing to rob a store just for video games now a days........i mean they are great but people are just TOO STUPID you should save up buy one then sell it online and make profit that way not shoot someone grab their ps3 and run off to sell a stolen one.....man what a crazy world

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    Holy chicken. These guys are ridiculous.....

    Playstation Raffle Canceled

    NEW HANOVER CO. -- It's been almost three weeks since 18-year-old Peyton Strickland was shot and killed by former New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputy Chris Long. There's a new devlopment related to that incident some are calling heartless and distasteful.

    Wilmington police officers and New Hanover County sheriff's deputies were selling raffle tickets for a Playstation 3 to raise money for Long and his family.

    Strickland's family and friends are outraged over the news, saying raffling off the gaming system is distasteful. Strickland and two other college students were accused of stealing two Playstation 3 consoles from a UNCW student. Deputies were attempting to arrest Strickland at his College Acres home when Long shot and killed him.

    The number two man in charge at the sheriff's department admits the raffle was in poor taste.

    "We thought raffling off a Playstation 3 was in very poor taste and would fly in the face of the Strickland family and anyone else," says Chief Deputy Tom Parker.

    Parker says two of his deputies who were selling raffle tickets have been told to stop immediately or they could be fired.

    Meanwhile, WECT has been told the raffle prize has been changed to a plasma television.

    The Playstation systems in the original raffle were not the consoles Strickland and his friends were accused of stealing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lasseee
    "the right to bear arms" that doesn't mean your allowed to have firearms! it means that gerge washington's son was a freak with bear arms! so he had to make it "ok" so that his son woulndt get picked on at school
    I don't know where you got that information, but it's entirely false, down to the Washington's son had bear arms bit

    "the right to bear arms is exactly what everybody thinks it is, the right to own a firearm, now I do believe that the firearm has to be registerd and you heed a licience to own one, but for protection, they are legal to own, I mean, if they aren't legal, then look how many people, including hunters break the law, check your resources to make sure that are accurate, even wikipedia has false information

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