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Thread: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale beta kicks off this week

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    Wow, I have the Playstation Vita version and I did not have a problem like that.

    Controls to the game:
    *Additional Info at bottom
    *L = Shielding | R = Powerup (You can roll to shield similar to that in SSB)
    *D-pad = Attack in Direction (Left/Right = Move)
    *Left Joystick = Attack in Direction (Left/Right = Move)
    [ ] = Attack Set 1
    ^ = Attack Set 2
    O = Attack Set 3
    X = Jump
    Start = N/A
    Select = Taunt

    Vita Specialties: Front Screen - Pick Up times Via Touch | Rear Touch - N/A

    +Note: Some [ ],^, O, Attacks require you to be idle (Just hit the button without direction)

    *Left Button - Okay, I do not like shielding with the left button. I am right handed, so I'm uncomfortable with that for the moment. I wish that would have been thought out a little bit better.
    *D-pad/Left Joystick - The one issue I have is, with Smash Bros., it was very comfortable to control your character on the basis that it was fluid. In this game, it isn't on the basis that I have to remember, you need to hit the button. That also causes some issues when trying to attack in the air because I'm not used to the characters attack plus having to switch to addition control.

    Another issue for me, on the Playstation Vita, is that I cannot recognize where my character is sometimes on the... small screen. The character size is just fine, but having all 1, 2, 3, 4... why not just have only your number and that's it. I would never get lost only seeing my number.
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