Hey, I am having a huge problem on Tony Hawk's Project 8 on PSP. The game is identical to the PS2 version, so if you know how to do this on a PS2, please tell me. I am ranked 16, by the way and I'm on the car factory level but my troubles are on the high school level.

On the goal called "classic goals", I only know where 4 of the 5 volcanos are located. The little volcanos that you are supposed to pogo over. These are the ones I know of:

-On the basketball court
-Right in the entrance of the school
-Near the exit of the pool area (outdoors)/near the wave
-Near the wave, but opposite side of the one above

I know that these directions are poor, but please, if anyone has any clue as to where the 5th one is, please help me. It just pisses me off because I have all 9 other classic goals completed in the goal.