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Thread: The Official Pokemon Trading Thread.

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    The Official Pokemon Trading Thread.

    Welcome to the Pokemon Trading Official Thread!!

    Hi folks! I'm creating the Ultimate Trade Thread!! There are going be some changes around here, but it will be better for everybody!! I'm developing a new idea! It is going to improve our trades making Wiichat pokemon forum the best place to find a trade, and get your pokemon ASAP!! Several people around here trust me, I'm glad for that, so trust me once more!!

    You need to seek my rules, by this way, this idea will work and rock!! If you spam the thread or break the rules, your post is going to be erased. You also may be negatively repped, I feel that the Admins are watching us very close, so we better take care

    Here comes the rules:

    1st You will post all the pokemons that you have ready to trade.
    2nd After posting your pokemons on trade, press a couple of enters and write down what do you need.
    3rd If something in your list changes (as having more pokemons available to trade, or not longer interested in a pokemon, EDIT your post and make your changes.
    4th If you do not want to create a list, or you just find someone offering a pokemon that you are interested in trading, Send a Private Message to the user and do your business with him only with PM By this way, you won't spam the forum
    5th If someone abuses this system (Like sending a unwilled pokemon or scamming, just contact me. I will speak with the mods and the user will get banned immediately.

    This sounds a bit pity, but, how many of you said, “The official threads is a mess” By this way, we are going to have a very strong data base of pokemons on trade, requests for that pokemon and much more. It will be very similar to the GTS!

    So I hope everybody is kind and seek this easy rules. We are going to enjoy this new system, and the admins are going to enjoy being in our thread like everywhere else on the forum.
    Pokemon FC 5240 8584 1640 Name: Fer
    My wife (Ana) is a berry master. I have tons of each berry (1-64). PM

    Wi-Fi Wins 212 Loses 18 Draws 2 Random PBR Wins: 188 Loses: 4
    Overall amount of sent eggs: 463
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    -What I Want (Pokemon)-
    - - - - -
    Muk - EV-Trained in Speed + Special Attack
    Tauros - EV-Trained In Special Attack + Special Defense
    Woobuffet OR Shuckle - EV-Trained In Defense + Special Defense
    Slaking - EV-Trained In Special Defense + Speed
    Swampert - EV-Trained In Special Defense + Speed
    Porygon-Z - EV-Trained In Defense + Special Defense

    -What I Want (Items)-
    - - - - -
    TM02 - Dragon Claw
    TM13 - Ice Beam
    TM24 - Thunderbolt
    TM26 - Earthquake
    TM35 - Flamthrower
    TM52 - Focus Blast
    Last edited by klanham08; 07-26-2007 at 08:47 PM.
    Name: Keith | Friend ID: 4983-1926-2878
    - - - - -
    WiFi Battle Record: 20 - 7 - 0
    - - - - -
    I Am Looking For The Following EV-Trained Pokemon:
    Muk, Tauros, Wobbuffet, Slaking, Swampert, Porygon-Z
    I Am Willing To Trade GOOD For Them.

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    PRo EV-Breeder daNnYshoTs's Avatar
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    GDL, Mexico
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    I want:
    Rare Candies, Vitamins and Scales.


    I'm trading:
    -Hoenn and Sinnoh starters
    -Adamant Rayquaza
    -Brave Flareon (lv100)
    -Lax Lanturn (lv100)
    -Modest and Mild Gastly
    -Adamant Shinx (good moveset)
    -Mild and Jolly Riolu (good moveset)
    -shiny Darkrai (lv19 and obviously hacked )
    -shiny Mew (lv100, japanese nickname)

    Last edited by daNnYshoTs; 08-22-2007 at 05:45 PM.
    DIAMOND: NAME\daNn FC\2105 5158 2438

    Pro-Breeder: The Poké you Need for
    2 Rare Candies, 2 Vitamins, or 2 Heart Scales
    * Poké-Exceptions

    Specific Natured Pokés
    * 1 extra candy

    Send Private Messages
    Visit Oficial Breeders' Thread

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    WiiChat Member x-the_hunter-x's Avatar
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    Jayuya, Puerto Rico
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    Updated 8/9/07, 4 New Shinies and 3 Events

    For Trade:

    Shiny Bagon
    Shiny Salamence
    Shiny Leafeon
    Shiny Tyranitar
    Shiny Rhydon
    Shiny Charmander
    Shiny Jap. Deoxys
    Shiny Eevee
    Shiny Milotic
    Shiny Wartortle
    Shiny Torchic
    Shiny Starly
    Shiny Riolu
    Shiny Umbreon
    Shiny Latios
    Shiny Latias
    Shiny Linoone
    Shiny Aipom (Distant Land)
    Shiny Ho oh
    Shiny Charizard
    Shiny Treecko
    Shiny Mewtwo
    Shiny Prinplup
    Shiny Shinx/Luxio/Luxray
    Shiny Gyarados
    Shiny Swellow
    Shiny Rayquaza
    Shiny Absol
    Shiny Sableye (Nicknamed)
    Shiny Shuckle
    Shiny Arcanine
    Shiny Roserade
    Shiny Raikou
    Shiny Seaking
    Shiny Flygon
    Shiny Totodile
    Shiny Gallade
    Shiny Nidoking
    Shiny Palkia
    Shiny Dialga
    Shiny Torterra
    Shiny Deoxys (Space C)*
    Shiny Altaria
    Shiny Metagross
    Shiny Cubone
    Shiny Heatran
    Shiny Garchomp (Nicknamed)
    Shiny Houndoom*
    Shiny Vulpix
    Shiny Jap. Lugia
    Shiny Scizor
    Shiny Cresselia
    Shiny Giratina
    Shiny Larvitar
    Shiny Pidgeot
    Shiny Sharpedo
    Shiny Ponyta
    Shiny Totodile
    Shiny Mesprit
    Shiny Mamoswine
    Shiny Cranidos
    Shiny Ninetails
    Shiny Entei
    Shiny Mew (MYSTRY)
    Shiny Marshtomp
    Shiny Kecleon
    Shiny Zapdos
    Shiny Trapinch
    Shiny Skorupi
    Shiny Shuppet
    Shiny Groudon
    Shiny Golem
    Shiny Datrini
    Shiny Piplup
    Shiny Elekid
    Shiny Horsea
    Shiny Cyndaquil
    Shiny Growlithe
    Shiny Jap. Tyrogue
    Shiny Zigzagoon
    Shiny Chimchar
    Shiny Jirachi (CHANNEL)
    Shiny Duskull
    Shiny Spiritomb
    Shiny Jap. and English Regirock
    Shiny Celebi (10 ANIV)*
    Shiny Tropius
    Shiny Jap. E4 Glitch Darkrai
    Shiny Nincada
    Shiny Geodude
    Shiny Misdreavus
    Shiny Aggron
    Shiny Steelix
    Shiny Azelf
    Shiny Clamperl
    Shiny Manaphy
    Shiny Flareon
    Shiny Poochyena
    Shiny Mesprit
    Shiny Mamoswine
    Shiny Gardevoir
    Shiny Loudred
    Shiny Kabuto
    Shiny Slugma
    Shiny Slowking
    Shiny Crobat
    Shiny Jap. Moltres
    Shiny Amphardos
    Shiny Togepi
    Shiny Chikorita
    Shiny Masquerain
    Shiny Mightyena
    Shiny Beedrill
    Shiny Magmortar
    Shiny Snorunt (female)
    Shiny Aerodactyl
    Shiny Geodude

    Also (Not shiny):

    10 ANIV Venusaur
    10 ANIV Charizard
    10 ANIV Blastoise
    10 ANIV Alakazam
    10 ANIV Thyplosion
    10 ANIV Dagronite
    10 ANIV Espeon
    10 ANIV Umbreon
    10 ANIV Entei
    10 ANIV Suicune
    10 ANIV Raikou
    10 ANIV Celebi
    10 ANIV Absol
    10 ANIV Latias
    10 ANNIV Lugia
    10 ANNIV Ho-oh
    10JAHRE Charizard (GLURAK)
    HADOU Mew
    MATTLE Ho-oh
    AGETO Celebi
    MITSURIN Celebi
    SYOKOTON Tropius
    TANABATA Jirachi
    NEGAI BOSHIi Jirachi
    WISHMKR Jirachi
    10TH Deoxys
    Distant Land Tyranitar
    Distant Land Manectric
    Distant Land Meganium
    Distant Land Suicune
    PKTOPIA Pikachu
    COONSATO Chatot
    Pal City Lucario
    FESTA Magmortar
    PARUSHITI Manaphy
    MIZUNOTAMI Manaphy
    EIGAKAN Darkrai
    All Legendaries

    * Not sure if legit

    I have every item for Trade

    Auto wins are (Must be more than 3 for the Darkrai and 2 for the Events):

    Shiny Bulbasaur, Mudkip and Turtwig*
    Shiny Swablu*
    Shiny Altaria (EV trained)
    Shiny Tyranitar (EV Trained)
    Shiny Salamence(EV trained)
    Shiny Legendaries, Specially Kyogre or any of the other gen Legendaries (EV Trained) (Except Giratina, Palkia, Dialga, Mesprit, Azelf, Mewtwo, Mew, Jirachi, Celebi, Groudon)
    Shiny Pidgeot (EV Trained)
    Shiny Swellow (EV Trained)
    Shiny Aggron (EV Trained)
    Shiny Staraptor (EV Trained)
    Shiny Luxray (EV Trained)
    Shiny Zangoose (EV Trained)
    Shiny Lapras (EV Trained or untouched)
    Shiny Absol (EV Trained or Untouched)

    Any other Event or Shiny that i don't have, i accept EV'ed pkmn too, specially Shinies

    * Means they have to be untouched, specially on lvl 1

    PM me with offers
    Last edited by x-the_hunter-x; 08-09-2007 at 03:11 PM.
    Wii # 6788 3079 3023 4489

    nickname: Uryu

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl # 4468 0675 9099

    nickname: Hunter

    Call of Duty: World at War # 3265 9493 8545

    message me if you add me

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    WiiChat Member hectoroni's Avatar
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    wat do u want for these
    Shiny Torterra
    Shiny Mewtwo
    Shiny Salamence
    Shiny Umbreon (EV Trained)
    Shiny Metagross
    Shiny Gallade
    Shiny Giratina (EV Trained)
    shiny altaria
    idk i just wanna battle lol

    platinum fc 5370-6401-0897

    pm me if u wanna battle

    diamond fc 3867-3609-7237

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    Banned steelersfatboy's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
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    up for trade: whiscash, medicham, qwilfish, ivysaur, dunsparce, bellosom, clefable, luvdisc, cranidos, altaria, mesprit, and all starters

    pokemon i am currently looking for: entei, jirachi, dialga, moltres, mewtwo

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    yo Ness's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Wii Friend Code: $post[field5]
    Offering: Honchkrow, Probopass, bagon, Claydol, Ralts(male), Kingdra, Pinsir, Aerdactyle, chicorita (egg), Cranidos, Lunatone, Solrock, Magnemite, Crobat, Poliwrath, Tropius, All eevee evolutions (excpet umbreon and espeon), Lucario, Bellossom, misdreavus, phione, snorunt (male)

    Seeking: legendaries- Jirachi, darkrai, Acreus, Latias (i have legendaries for trade PM for details) Cubone, Aipom, tediursa, snubbul, Shieldon, Burmy, Cherubi, Glameow, Slowking or any other good offer.
    Last edited by Ness; 07-29-2007 at 01:33 AM.

    Playing Disgaea 3, Star Ocean: The Last Hope
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    WiiChat Member sacred_shrine_of_darkness's Avatar
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    no thanks

    Trading shining:
    Anybody have a Lv 100 Ev trained Darkrai
    Name: Dark
    FC: 5326 7445 8961
    always looking for shining pokemon

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    Your Worst Nightmare... Lonelyness21's Avatar
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    May 2007
    Wii Friend Code: $post[field5]
    Events im Trading:

    10th Aniv Celebi
    10th Aniv Suicune
    10th Aniv Entei
    10th Aniv Dragonite
    WISHMKR Jirachi
    Shiny MYSTRY Mew
    Ageto Celebi
    Movie Darkrai...
    Pearl FC: 2921-5685-3284
    Name: Vick

    If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it....will u click the green mushroom?

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    Ok, good news everybody.

    *deep breath*

    I've officially finished my pokedex!!

    i will now donate 100 eggs of whatever anybody wants, starting now.

    If my pm box is full, please try again later.

    note: i will probably set a limit per user so everyone feels the love.

    First come first serve.

    I'd also like to thank everyone who's helped donate to help me finish my pokedex, and hope when you guys finish your dex and everything else youre doing, you give back to the community as well


    EDIT: I'm adding my name/fc to my signature to help cut down on the amount of pming to and back.

    the format to request an egg.

    title of pm: Egg

    contents in your pm: Name of pokemon you want. for now i'll limit the requests to 3, once i've served more people i'll give more pople to second time people.

    Also dont forget to add your name AND fc to the bottom of your post so i can help serve you easier.

    EDIT2: I have to go to work now, i wont be at the computer tonight. i'll be replying to egg requests tomorrow. try hard not to fill my inbox up
    Last edited by Monogatari; 07-29-2007 at 10:29 PM.

    The egg givaway is offically >>OPEN<< Note: I do not care what pokemon you give me,
    but i really want berries attached. the rarer, the better. thanks!

    Name: *Inori*
    FC: 0473 - 4271 - 8369

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