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    Super Rod/Battle Tower

    Is it true that you can only get your super rod AFTER E4 becuase I find that completely stupid. I want a staryu lol that really ruins the game because one of the main points of the game is too beat the E4. If you enter the battle tower do they automatically make your level 50 or 100 or whatever levels you can choose? If they do and your level 20 will your stats be boosted and will you be able to use level 50 moves for that battle?

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    This should all be in the Q&A section, but to answer your questions:

    No you cannot get the super rod without beating the E4 (you get it at the fight arena which is on the island with the battle tower and stark mountain).

    When in the battle tower your pokemon above level 50 will be leveled down to level 50 temporarily to fight in the battle tower, they have the stats they would have had at level 50 with the current EVs, IVs and nature. They keep their current moveset. After the battle tower challenge is over, they return to their respective levels. Pokemon under level 50 do not get levelled up in the battle tower, so you have to use them on lower levels.
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