Hello u guys, i noticed the SSBB is the new craze. But what happened to the Pokemon Fans? I'm bringing PK back to the limelight as i post up shinies on the GTS. From 10:00 today From 9:00 tonight i will post shinies all day, u might know me as GTS Legend Ramon and i would like a real shiny rayquaza(no fake AR one) so my name is Ramon and my FC is:3995 3664 1040

I am posting up Shiny Deoxys's Regigigas's and Diagla's and Lugia's and maybe some Latias's and Latios's so stay tuned on the GTS all day All week this week(if u see offerer ramon on the trade it's me,the official trader)

Post up your Name and FC if you have a shiny rayquaza and i will trade with u