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    Pokemon Fanfic Story

    I am currently writing a story that is mostly following my Pokemon Pearl version games. I am keeping all Super Contests in the Hearthome City area mainly because its issue-inducing to try anything else. However things like the start and how things go on will be a bit different. If you want to help, PM me. If you'd like to be in the story send me your name, pkmn party, and what route or city you wanna meet up at. (Note: No one is taking place of things like GymLeaders or something)
    Hello all... i'm new. I just got my pokemon Pearl game recently... (long story because i did have a copy back when it first came out) anyway... i'm just starting...
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    If you're talking about "help" in the "shared writing" sense, I'll gladly contribute. I do quite a bit of writing myself, so I'm always happy to write.
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