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    Quote Originally Posted by gbj153 View Post
    I can't believe Nintendo is doing it this late... That was like a 3 year wait for the Diamond and pearl people.
    From my perspective, I believe they waited because these wi-fi event pokes don't have a classic ribbon, they're wild, and are tradable on wi-fi. This makes them about as valuable as regular legends.

    Rather, if they're untradable over wi-fi, people had to go to event location to get them. This gives pokemon more publicity, and might make players more motivated to keep active on their game. Toys R Us Events > Wi-fi Events, in terms of rarity.

    Why they waited this long, though, I don't know.

    Quote Originally Posted by [DS]Leader View Post
    I dont see why we cant just go to Toys R Us..... Downloading will never work much becuase the wifi connecting is kinda crappy
    Because we already had Toys R Us events for Darkrai and friends. :P I'm pretty sure the member's key is a tradable mystery gift card too, so you don't necesarrily need to get it yourself, if you can get someone else that has wi-fi to. ... Or just go to a location with free wi-fi.
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    I find the WiFi convenient. Sit down at the beginning of each month, and just click search.

    Speaking of which, I need to find my Platinum, Septembers coming up soon.

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    I feel like half of what goes on in this forum involves people arguing about fish.
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    We're gay gangbangers, not metrosexual hipsters.

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