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    Battle with Mewtwo

    This was exciting. I had a plan to send out Gengar first to use Hypnosis. Gengar could survive one Psychic hit. I used Hypnosis and switched to Onix. My plan was to have Onix or Rhydon use Fissure but it always missed. Mewtwo destroyed the team until the last Pokemon, Snorlax. I used Metronome and the move was Explosion and it took out Mewtwo. It was a draw and I didn't know what to think. It counts as a loss to me. I tried again and get this. It happened again! Snorlax used Metronome, the move was Explosion, and it was a draw. Haha! I decided to start off with Snorlax this time. Makes sense, right? I use Metronome and the move is Transform so I turned into Mewtwo! After a couple Blizzards, Mewtwo froze into ice!!! One Thunderbolt finished him off and I beat R-1 of Pokemon Stadium! Onto Pokemon Stadium 2!

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