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    Can it be possible for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games on the Wii?

    Ok, we know that the pokemon mystery dungeon games at the moment are for the Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance (Red Rescue Team)

    But what if it was used again on the wii console to make most of it the same but where the typing is in the game can actually be reversed and into some movie clips for the wii like some other games have had.

    Example: First to show how Grovyle and you in the game became seperated from Darkrai's attack while in time travel. Why not reveal what exactly happened to spice it up? As it follows in the game it can be the same and add movie clips on parts also like when Grovyle takes Dusknoir back to the future. You can guess where I'm going with this right? (I hope I'm not repeating anything...)

    So yeah, thats just a random guess on a question if it could happen. You never know.
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    I really doubt that a Mystery Dungeon remake will make it to a home console; it's possible, but I don't recall Game Freak remaking any of the spin-off series'. Who knows though, maybe they'd start with Mystery Dungeon.

    There was those WiiWare MD games though, so while I doubt we'd get a MD game on the Wii, it's possible there might be one on the WiiU in the future. The controller is perfect for it, after all. That'd be pretty awesome I'd reckon.
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