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    Darkrai Event Now Active!

    As first mentioned in Eric's thread, a Darkrai event is now active on wi-fi. The details of the event are as follows.

    Darkrai: Level 50
    OT: 2012MAY
    ID: 05092
    Ball: Cherish
    Ability: Bad Dreams
    Nature: Random
    Hold Item: Enigma Berry


    Dark Void
    Ominous Wind
    Faint Attack

    The only thing special 'bout it is the Enigma berry (where the **** is mah Custap game freak... ?), which is only obtainable via Dream World; not that it's guaranteed to be released in the DW. And hey, it's a Darkrai. No special moves, but ya might as well get it. I know I will be.
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    Spoiler Alert!

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    Got my 2 earlier this evening.

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