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People say there should be games with all the regions. Thats crap. It would be better if they just did something where it would connect to your other game and send through more difficulty or something. Let's say you beat Heartgold with Typhlosion, Steelix, Scizor, Pidgeot, Victereebell, and Lanturn. Then you want to play Black or something. It connects with that game, and gives you you pokes, and just does some fancy computer code and adjusts the levels of the Trainers, and you keep the Heartgold sprite.
I disagree with this sentiment, in all honesty. 'Less they make a Pokemon game specifically in mind for you t' import old Pokemon (which would be scaled down in level to prevent someone from bringin' in level 100s to essentially cheat the game), it'd make no sense with how the plot always goes in the mainstay RPGs: youngin' newbie goes on Pogeymanz adventure with scrubmons. They'd need a drastic change to the plot, like how they handled Colosseum (at no point does Wes use low level Pokemon or engage in any typical n00btrainer junk)... Which they handled poorly, so hopefully they wouldn't handle it exactly like Colosseum.