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Thread: Worst Pokemon Game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiiAssasin View Post
    Lots of water too.
    I'd second that notion if, after a period of time, the Surfing theme wasn't ear-grindingly repetitive in every game...

    Irrelevant complaint aside, aye, I can see what you're gettin' at. Generation 3 certainly did see improvement over previous generations' (lack of) plot. I'd probably share the sentiments if RS' story was... well, good, rather than simply a step up from previous Pokeiterations.

    T'is a shame ya've ditched Pokemon, since I feel the reasons you state why ya liked RSE are prevalent even moreso in DPP and 'specially BW1. 'Cept all the Surfing. But that's a terribly off-topic tangent for another thread.

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