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    Quote Originally Posted by Mario Famous
    The mechanics of an emulator is ok to talk about openly...It would be bad if you were to talk about "where to obtain roms" or posting links to sites that contain roms. Talking about emulators is fine though
    If I used roms I wouldn't press my luck like that, you can never be too sure these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swanson
    I can't find a good N64 emulator to play LoZ: OoT on, I heard Project64 was the best, but it's too confusing unless somegive gives me a walkthrough of what to downlaod nad how to use it all, I also have Nemu64, but I cant find the ROM for OoT.
    alot of 64 emulaters and there roms are corrupte i honestly dont know y you try use a senes emulater u can get one at www.nerologic.com

    Google is your friend

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    it's not illegal if you own the original copy of the game ^_^

    anyway P64 works fine with OOT just have to configure your GFX settings to work with it, start a new game and play it a sec edit some settings go back play it some more edit more settings etc till you get to one your comfortable with ^_^

    btw dont use zsnes v 150+ lol

    I use 1.42, after 1.42 they took netplay out, i like playin online with friends, we play super mario world online and uhm secret of mana \m/

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