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There was a cheat before to go to the orange league and for mew. You had to collect all 150 pokemon, then go by the boat and surf cross to the land and a truck will be their. Then you have to use strength on the truck and say some about a pokeball will be under the truck and then mew will be in it.... i came close to this one because i had 147 pokemon plus i found the truck that they was talking about..... In order for the ship to stay you have to do everything on the boat and then let someone beat you until you white out

and the other one was, you had to beat the elite four pokemon with certain kind of pokemon. and then professer oak or something like that suppose to talk to you and tell you about the orange league

THATS BOGUS. I have tried most cheats in this game and its not that one jsut use the cheat to make the SS Anne stay and supposedly a car shows up. Thers is a MEW cheat it is the one where u hav to not battle 2 ppl next to ghost tower and b4 mt moon look it up. I have 4 mew. The Cheat on cinnibar island isnt the same as Rainbow forest so u know. just different lvls and pokemon above lvl 100 , Supposedly for Rainboy foresy you give Bill Evee with all evoultuions but u hav to talk to him so many times. I got all and talked to him constantly over 200 times in a row and nothing. Hes supposed to open his door and let u out, first step u take u run into togepi and only chance to catch him, thers also supposed to be a cave in which Marill is found. I couldnt get bills house to work and never botherd with Pikablu since he didnt exist for a while.