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    Quote Originally Posted by flower.^
    Since going to college I reintroduced my snes into my life and I am still unable to beat Batman Forever. Hardest game I have ever been introduced to...
    I've heard that game is bad.

    What's so hard about it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tails McCloud~
    I am looking at the cartridge to Altered Beast right now and wondering why I bought it...
    Because you are awesome.

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    Ive also got my paws on Sonic Pinball Party. Honestly, I only bought it because it was rare at first. (Only distributed at Target in usa and people in Canada and Mexico wants it. That's why if you look on E-bay, you wont find a copy of it, just that spp and Sonic advance combo game...ftw) The computer-set high scores are outragous. I played for an hour on one map untill I died, and didnt even hit 20th place on the records...
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