If your afther expandin your collection there are none internet ways of getin more
Carboot sales (I dont know the US trem for it) - Most people on these tend to sell stuff in one big lot (I did once get a commadore vic 20 with 50 games for a fiver (£5))
Jumble sales (Ditto) - Some people dont know what there sellin (Once got a dreamcast and a load of games for a tenner sold it with a few games for £20 also a PS2 for a tenner)
Charity shops - Again they dont know what there sellin (Once got a Saturn controll pad for a quid)
Even in damn skips you can find somethin
But I have kinda devloped a retro sence (like a spider secnce but without the flashyness)
I know how to rumage throw a box of cables (this can be trained at home)