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Thread: Name that game!

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    @WiiGamer24: LOL, I was careful enough to rename . I actually renamed to "noname", and uploaded to http://www.imageshack.us, which has added to the name somewhat.

    I'll give yas a clue... It's a NES game... and the code to skip to the 2nd level on the easiest difficulty is BALL (you get a code after you complete a stage).

    Anyhows I thought this was a great game, and sure hope it makes it to the Virtual Console .

    @+Maniacal=Maniac+: I think you are right about the image Vev-Robot posted. I think it is part of the story cut scene right after you complete the first Deku Tree dungeon. But I'm not %100 sure :\.

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    i have no clue... i never played nes... when i started gaming it was sega dreamcast...
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